Hardware is Hard. 

…Finding Niche HW Engineering Experts to Quickly Provide Guidance Shouldn’t Be.

What can save your physical product development team the most time and money often comes down to early, high-level guidance on really specific topics.

That knowledge often isn’t found in a book or online search. It’s in the heads of those who gained practical experience in specific niches of engineering.

These highly-specialized pros can be hard to find or unavailable for full-time employment.

You may even be missing multiple key talents in your hardware development team!

Luckily, we know a bunch of these Odd Engineers.

AND you can quickly obtain easy access to their advice.


If you’re stumped about something “outside your lane”, click below to schedule a 1-hour*, 1-on-1 appointment with the perfect expert right now, and move toward getting unstuck.


Meet The Odd Engineers



Questions on…?:

differential impedance, EMC, polyimide, FMEA, litz, electromechanical, traceability, compiler, pick-and-place, MQTT, spectroscopy, Laser, Raman, LIBS, fluorescence, reflectance, astrobiology, space, Mars, Moon, seafloor, PCB Design, DFM, Electronics, 3D Printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Prototyping, Scalability, IoT, microlens array, freeform optics, tailoring, scattering, BSDF, ray files, LED, incandescent, HID lamp, injection molding, glass molding, etendue, luminance, 3D, modelling, design, surface design, digital sculpting, surface modeling, a-class, highlights, topology, surface transition, automotive, product design, transport design, safety analysis, feasibility, cgi, cad, cas, concept, concept design, ultrasonics, transducers, simulation, thermography, layout, debug, EMI, PCB Design, Altium Designer, KiCad, Cadence Allegro, flex circuits, rigid-flex circuits, HDI, BGA, PIC, AVR, ATSAM, ARM, ADC, DAC, FIFO, CPLD, FPGA, MEMs, LED, analog, digital, LED lighting, lightpipe, lightguide, stray light, optical tolerancing, opto-mechanical, injection molding, vacuum forming, light scattering, image quality, RF, Solidworks, CAD, CAM, 3D printing, 3D modeling, CNC, mill, lathe, environmental testing, EMI, RFI, audio, video, prototype, production, power conservation, metrology, profilometry, fringe projection, opto-mechanics, fabrication, optic, endoscope, vision, illumination, spectroscopy, imaging, medical, laboratory, lens, polymer optic, glass optic, visible, infrared, ultraviolet, IR, UV, robot, surgical, instrument, laser, disinfection, photo, cure, curing, disposable, reusable, FDA, ISO, 13485, IP, intellectual property, law, patents

Step 1: Find the Perfect Pro

Scroll through our directory of experts to find one with the perfect niche background.

Today, you can find specialists within the larger discipline buckets of:

EE, ME, Industrial Design, Optics, Intellectual Property Law, RF, IoT, Thermal Simulations, Material Analysis & more!


Step 2: Schedule and Pay For Your Consultation

Click to immediately book a meeting with the expert you choose in an upcoming open slot on their calendar.

Pay and send on any NDA you need signed at the time you book.

Each consultation is for up to a maximum of 1 hour*.



Step 3: Talk 1-on-1 and Breathe Easier

During your consultation, ask about things like:

Is your design direction OK? What common pitfalls can your pro warn you about? Are there other components/technologies/labs they recommend?

…or other burning questions you need niche expertise to answer!




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