It’s In The Works!


We’re working on building a platform FOR freelance engineers who work on physical products.

Straight-SW developers have a plethora of networks and platforms to help them survive on their own. But for the rest of us engineers, many of those structures are lacking.

There are a lot of ideas.

That’s in part because freelance engineers face a lot of stressful obstacles.

We want to help freelancers find each other to collaborate.

We want to help freelancers promote themselves.

We want to help freelancers connect with Paying Clients!

And most of all: we want to offer freelance engineers a little more stability and support with made-for-you tools when they jump into freelance life – or – if they’re already treading these waters.

But we’ll need to experiment with one thing at a time.

It’s not all going to be pretty. And it’s not all going to work well right off the bat.

…But with your feedback, we hope to build something that truly makes your life easier… because we are freelance engineers just like you. And the stronger you are, the stronger we all are.

We hope you’ll join in the experiments and also the community!

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