HW #STARTUPLIFE Nightmare – A Use Case for Odd Engineer

The Darkside of HW Startup Land

You and the other tech pros on your HW Startup team are aces! You’re intelligent, dauntless, creative and persevering. You’re not afraid to do things outside your comfort zone.

And you also might be up against impossible deadlines.

If this describes your startup project, don’t waste time beating yourself up as you try to teach yourself an entirely new discipline of engineering!

Instead, take the smart shortcut.

Book time with a pro who specializes in that thing that’s foreign to you to get guidance. You’ll save time and it’s even likely you’ll prevent costly development mistakes.

The sooner in your development timeline that you get expert feedback, the more benefits you reap.

So, find the nerd you need to speak with today in the Odd Engineer Directory!

Are you an engineering manager who wonders what that smell is? Might be time to book engineers on your team appointments with pros on OddEngineer.com.

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