Introducing: Packages! Don’t Make Your Engineers Beg

To make access to hard-to-find engineers even easier, we now offer packages!

You don’t need to make your engineers beg every time they hit a technological wall.

There doesn’t need to be a budgetary discussion every time it makes sense to talk to an outside expert in electronics design, or building products for the medical industry, or in thermal management, or in fixing that light pipe design that seemed so simple… or any expertise you find on Odd Engineer.

One-and-Done it with a single transaction and give your team of enginerds the gift of easy access whenever they need. 

Use a code to book appointments with any engineer. Each booking will reduce the remaining value on the package code by whatever that Odd Engineer’s rate was. If a package comes with a coupon code, it will come in a separate email and can be used separately.

Package codes can be purchased here:

For more information, see Terms on website and on each package’s details.

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