Giveaway for Engineers in Companies Building a Physical Product

We’re running a series of giveaways (yeaaa!) on Odd Engineer, and the first is for our fellow nerds engineering something “outside their lane.”

If you work in R&D or are part of a hardware startup, this giveaway might be of use!

Did you get tasked with thermal modeling, or figuring out a light pipe design? Are you trying to create a new type of spectrometer or medical device and you’ve never done that before? Are you designing apart to be injection moldedand you don’t know how to do that kind of design for manufacturing? Are you building a super small, wearable electronic, or a device for precision-location detection, or something that needs wireless power but you could use an expert’s opinion? Are you working on a system with both imaging and illumination involved (camera lenses + LEDs), or do you need to design and measure a precision optic or figure out optical algorithms? Are you working on some LED lighting where you need expert guidance to get the color perfect? Or are you designing something in CAD and could use the eye of a class-A surface modeling pro? Are you trying to make your thing an Internet of Things (IoT)?

‘Cuz we have nerds to help with all those things.

If you’re working on a hardware project where you’re trying to figure out part of the system that isn’t in your field, this giveaway is for you! The winner gets 1 free appointment with whichever Odd Engineer they think can help them the most with their engineering questions.

Also, the winner gets sweet, sweet Nerd Swag.

To enter, first peruse the Odd Engineer Directory to decide which nerd is the one you want to speak with. Then, select that person when you enter the drawing.

All entrants are also automatically entered into the Grand Prize drawing which includes:

For more details, see giveaway entry page!


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