Erin McDermott Interviewed on the Spotlight Report

Dr. Logan Rodriguez Graves’ latest interview victim on the Spotlight Report podcast was Erin McDermott. She talked about creating Odd Engineer, #freelancelife, backpacking the globe, and her career path into optical engineering

Erin also discussed the differences between working as an engineer inside a corporate structure and making it as a freelance engineer out in the wild. Plus, questions on Taylor Swift. (Thanks for that, Logan.)

You can find the interview on the ELE Optics Forum, which is a great resource for optical engineers and optical scientists to get answers from each other. If you’re an optics nerd, too, we highly recommend you join their community!

Here’s the video version of the same interview:

By the way — both Logan and Erin are Odd Engineers you can book time with on this site! Check out their profiles to learn more about these optics people.

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