CONGRATULATIONS to All Our Giveaway Winners!


Congratulations to our 4 winners of the giveaways on Odd Engineer!

The Company Giveaway

This giveaway was for engineering teams within companies and startup founders who are working on a technical problem outside their skillset and need some expert, niche guidance from one of us.

The first winner gets:

🎁 Nerd Swag!
🎁 1 free appointment with any engineer on

And the 1st winner is: Sir Walter Richardson 


Sir Walter chose Joshua Hoisington to speak with who specializes in miniaturizing electronics, high-speed digital, and other spy equipment type stuff.

The John Camilleri Giveaway for Engineers Who Want to Escape their Cubicles

Winner #2 of the Odd Engineer giveaways was for the John Camilleri Giveaway.

John was a dear friend who passed last year,

but while he was alive, he encouraged many to

live happier work lives while he, himself also

struggled greatly with escaping the hells of

corporate work environments.

This giveaway was not for discussing technical subjects with the engineer the winner chose, but for learning how to make it in engineering independently.

The winner will receive:

🎁 1 free appointment,
🎁 nerd swag and
🎁 a copy of the “Freelancer’s Framework: Guidebook 1, Building Brand”!!

Congratulations to the winner, Paul Blaylock!

Paul chose to speak with Pablo Sobron who *cannot* give guidance on freelance engineering for high-volume commercial product development,


give seasoned advice on what it takes to win an SBIR grant, and leading a research organization employing several scientists and engineers.

The Student and Jr. Engineer Giveaway for Career Advice

The third winner is getting:

🎁 Nerd Swag!
🎁 1 free appointment with any engineer on
🎁 Copy of Freelancer’s Framework, Guidebook 1: Building Brand

Congratulations to Ayushman Dutta!

He chose  Adam Kenney for his free appointment with any engineer on Odd Engineer.

Great choice!

Adam has experience putting the polish on gorgeous race car CAD and can tell this junior car fanatic more about getting into that industry.

And the GRAND PRIZE winner of the  Odd Engineer  Giveaway — they’re getting
🎁 Nerd Swag!
🎁 1 free appointment with any engineer on
🎁 Copy of Freelancer’s Framework, Guidebook 1: Building Brand


a pair of Bose Noise-cancelling Headphones 🎧 !

Congratulations 🎊 🎉 to  Jim Burnham who chose Kyle Visner, Odd Engineer’s niche IoT pro, for his free appointment.

Jim tells us his class is working on an IoT project and so Kyle would be great for them all to speak with.

Watch your email for instructions on your prizes, Jim!

If you registered but didn’t win, don’t be sad: watch your email soon for a surprise!

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