Dr. Logan R. Graves, Our Optical Metrology + Optical SW Guy – Featured on SolidSmack

Want to know how GIGANTIC observatory telescope optics are made? Check out this article on SolidSmack! In the interview with Logan Graves, he talks about how Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope’s primary mirror was measured so it could get cut down and polished. By the way — the thing is 4.2 meters in diameter!

You can also book an appointment with Loganon Odd Engineer here , to get his personal guidance for the best metrology method for your widget. He’s also the guy to book a slot with if you have a question about coding in regard to optical design software. To see more details about his background, you can view Logan’s profile here.

For the full-length podcast interview, see Episode 2 of Odd Engineer’s brand newpodcast in audio-only hereor in video version below:

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