Randal Chinnock on the Odd Engineer Podcast: Episode 4

Latest episode on the Odd Engineer Podcast is with Randal Chinnock, founder of Optimum Technologies and Southbridge Tech Incubator.

He’s the odd engineer you want to book with if you have questions on medical device development – whether from a technical, business, or regulatory standpoint. Randal has built manufacturing facilities from the ground up, and as an independent, went from freelancer to founder of a highly successful medical device development company. At Optimum Technologies, he led projects including as many as 60 engineers and scientists.

Learn about his career path, some engineering management advice, an overview of what it’s like to develop products for the medical industry, and what he can do for you in an hour on Episode 4 of the Odd Engineer Podcast.

Miss earlier episodes and want to check those out, too? Find both audio and video versions of the Odd Engineer Podcast, here!


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