Learn About Getting Your Device CONNECTED in this Interview with Kyle Visner on the Odd Engineer Podcast

Episode 6 of the Odd Engineer Podcast is with Kyle Visner, the IoT pro listed on the paid appointment booking platform here!

He’s the owner of Spinnaker.Design where he helps companies with connected device development in a variety of products and industries. As he mentions, IoT is more than just wearables!

Kyle shared a lot of knowledge about why it makes sense for engineering teams to engage with IoT engineers early on if they don’t have any on staff. He talks about how different component choices, programming languages and physical constraints can hamper a device’s development when there is no foresight added from someone like him.

The host, Erin McDermott, learned a lot, and others with a solid understanding of physical product development but not IoT will gain much from this episode, too.

Check out the audio version here:

Or video version here:

And find all past episodes of the Odd Engineer Podcast here!

If you’d like to book a paid guidance appointment with Kyle to have him answer your questions about your specific project, he is available for a limited time once again! Book him before July 14, 2021 by clicking the Book Now button here.

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