New Job Board on Odd Engineer for Freelance & Fulltime Hardware Gigs


As much as we preach NETWORKING and creating Value-Adding Content over turning to JOB BOARDS – not enough networking is happening! We’re hearing that companies (which we meet while NETWORKING) have trouble finding certain niche talent.

So, OK, fine.

We made a job board:

It’s especially for hardware/physical product development pros. And while we favor freelance positions being posted, some companies are set on finding full-time employees to join their ranks. Both are allowed to be posted, although to encourage a more open mind to working with freelance consultants, FREELANCE postings are STEEPLY DISCOUNTED FTW. 😀

Plan options for posting your talent needs on


Or Are You a Job/Gig Seeker?

If you’re a freelancer or full-time job seeker in hardware engineering, get automatic updates from the board about new postings by signing up for the job board newsletter. It’s at the bottom of the homepage:

Getting notified of new job postings by signing up for the newsletter!

Here are some of the listings you can find right now (as of the publishing of this article). Note, those highlighted in yellow are FREELANCE/TEMPORARY.

Current Job Postings on as of June 24, 2021.

OR: Want to Maximize Your Chances of Connecting with Talent or Hiring Managers?!? Network!

Beyond sitting back and waiting for the job board to find the perfect niche connection, you can also (virtually) get out and meet new hardware nerds. Broaden your network, ask for referrals, and snatch up opportunities and talent before they hit the job board.

But where?


On the Event Calendar on OddEngineer.

And here is that Job Board Link one more time: Jobs.OddEngineer.Com

Happy hunting for whatever you seek!

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