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Prototyping, Wireless, Power Electronics, & More


Bring the Internet of Things to Your Thing


Lighting Stuff Up, Making Images, Detection & More!

3D Design

3D-Modeling & Surfacing Feedback from Experts


Lighting Stuff Up, Making Images, Detection & More!


Advice to Keep Your Widget from Overheating


Electronics | Electrical Engineering

Get advice on how to move those electrons and holes to the right places.

Miniaturized Electronics Development

Electronics Prototyping

Wireless Power | IP | Embedded Electronics

Industry Specialties: Consumer Electronics, OTC Medical Products, Home Appliances

Electronics Prototyping

Location/Position Detection Technology Integration

Industry Specialties: Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Construction

IoT | Firmware

The SW part of your HW device.


IoT/Connected Device Dev. | Device Data Processing

Industry specialties: Consumer Electronics, Light Industrial, Medical, Sports

Mechanical Engineering | 3D Modeling | Industrial Design

Important stuff: perfecting how your device looks and feels.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design | Plastics Design for Manufacturing

Industry specialties: Consumer Products/Electronics, Medical Devices/Tools, Packaging


Optics | Optical Engineering

If your system uses light in any way, you probably need optical engineering guidance. Ex: camera optics, the physical part of machine vision, lighting, sensors, lasers, & more!

Medical Device Optics

Imaging & Illumination




Material Analysis using Optics (Spectroscopy)

Industry Specialties: Aerospace, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas, Environmental Monitoring

 Thermal Management

Who to contact if you’re worried about your Widget overheating.

Thermal Management & Way More

Thermal Simulations  | Mechanical | Embedded Systems

Industry Specialties: Aerospace, Federal Contracting, High-Power Computing

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