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3D CAD Design (for Premium Feeling and Looking Products)


Class-A Surface Modeling of Freaking Race Cars

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Other Expertise

  • 3D Modeling Analysis (Assess topology and construction/layout of 3D assets for design and manufacturing issues/improvements.)
  • Quality Analysis (Assess surface & design “quality”. Identify areas for design, aesthetic & “perceived quality” improvement.)
  • 3D Surface Design for Manufacturability (Creation of high-quality, manufacture-ready 3D models/surfaces.)

Industry Specialties

Automotive (Interior and Exterior), Consumer Electronics


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Adam Kenney

Founder Curv Design

Curv Design


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Curv Design

For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  • Feedback and analysis of surface design quality & 3D assets
  • Identifying areas of improvement for perceived quality (how to take your cool product that next step further in terms of how it is perceived by others)
  • Production & manufacturing issues
  • Transition of 3D assets from “concept” phase to Engineering and Production phases
  • Software recommendations for 3D CAD/CAS requirements
  •  Issues between Design & Engineering teams

Appointments Not Available

For Other CAD Modelers

Chat with Adam if you need help with:

  • Solutions to specific 3D modeling challenges
  • Modeling of 3D assets for integration downstream for manufacture & production
  • Communication between Design & Engineering teams when production challenges arise
  • Implementing engineering & production criteria
  • High-quality 3D surfaces/assets
  • Improving early phase/concept models for final, production-ready “hero” surfaces.

Appointments Not Available

Other Q’s?

Adam is also happy to advise:

  • Those in other industries (Games, Media, CGI, Advertising) looking to perfect visualizations of automobiles or other high-end, artistic physical products
  • Students or professionals interested in entering a new role or changing career paths
  • Those curious about working as a freelancer/contractor or working abroad
  • On the pros & cons of different 3D content creation methods and softwares

Appointments Not Available

Languages – Proficiency:

English – Native
German – Very Basic
Swedish – Very Basic



3D Modelling/CAD – Proficiency:

ICEM Surf – Pro

Maya – Intermediate

CATIA – Basic



Other Tools – Proficiency:

Photoshop – Intermediate







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Other applicable keywords: 

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