Alex Whittemore

Electrical Engineering – Electromechanical Development


Location/Position Detection Technology Integration

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Other Expertise

  • Electronic and mechanical design incorporating technologies such as: Augmented Reality (AR), Haptics, Ultrasonic Phased Arrays, Sensors, Precision Positioning Systems, Occupancy Tracking, LiDAR
  • System-level architecture (How do we solve the problem? What use-cases do we address?)
  • PCB design (Stuff everything onto a circuit board)
  • Mechanical Integration (Housing, motors, drive train, mounting)
  • Firmware (Program everything to spit out data)


Industry Specialties

Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Construction


Meeting Type



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Alex Whittemore


Previous Engineering Examples

Mira Connect | Emerge

Previous Engineering Examples

CalEarth | Fantasmo (“CPS”)

For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  • A path forward for your new hardware idea
  • Budgeting and costs of a development effort at a high level
  • Existing technologies to address your problem at hand
  • An overview of the steps that will need to go into your project
  • Whipping up 3D prints in FDM/Resin/(design for) MJF

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For Other EE’s

Chat with Alex if you need help with:

  • PCB design review
  • PCB Debugging
  • EMI debugging
  • PCB Layout
  • Simulation
  • Mechanical Integration
  • 3D printing

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Other Q’s?

Alex would love to help you strategize how tech fits into the bigger picture of your company mission or even municipal goals.

He’s at home while immersed in CAD software, but also loves writing, brainstorming, and discussing technology topics at a much higher level than implementation. His key talent is understanding the connections and interactions between disciplines.

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Languages – Proficiency:

English – Native
Spanish – Survival
German – Survival



Electronic Design Tools – Proficiency:

Altium – Primarily Uses

Eagle – Primarily Uses

KiCad – Minimal



CAD – Proficiency:

Fusion 360 – Primarily Uses

SolidWorks – Minimal

FreeCAD – Minimal



Other Tools – Proficiency:

Python – Primarily Uses

C/C++ – Primarily Uses

MATLAB – Rusty (used to be great)

LABVIEW – Rusty (used to be great)



BS, Electrical Engineering, Boston University




More Information:




Other applicable keywords: 

ultrasonics, transducers, sensors, PCB, electronics, 3D Printing, simulation, thermography, layout, debug, EMI, LIDAR compass, 2D laser profilometer, emissions debugging, sprint, API, hyper-precision positioning, augmented reality headset,