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Electrical Engineering


Wireless Power

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Other Expertise

  • Intellectual Property Management and Strategic Planning (when to patent, why to patent, and where to patent)
  • High-density PCBA design (need to stuff a lot of electronics into a tight spot)
  • Embedded systems (stuff that can run forever without a person telling it what to do)
  • FMEA and reliability engineering (predict and prevent failure)
  • Root Cause Analysis (figure out why something broke)


Industry Specialties

Wireless Power, Consumer Electronics, IoT hardware, OTC Medical Products, Ultrasound Therapy, Home Appliances


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Ben Moes

Ben Moes

Founder of Moetion Technologies

Moetion Technologies


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For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  • general guidelines for bringing wireless power to your device
  • how to maximize the value of your IP
  • recommendations for designing-in reliability
  • design vs buy analysis

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For Other Electrical Engineers

Chat with Ben if you need help with:

  • learning about current trends in wireless power
  • how to create good system-level requirements for a new design
  • tips and tricks to maximize the value of your PCB

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Other Q’s?

Ben loves designing stuff, but even more, loves to help others bring their ideas to life. If you have an idea but just can’t figure out how to make it real, reach out and chat!

After working in organizations from multinationals to tech startups, to medical suppliers, to consulting, Ben learned a thing or two about what kills innovation and what helps it flourish.


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Languages – Proficiency:

English – Native



Tools – Proficiency:

Altium / Orcad / Eagle – Expert

LTspice and Pspice – Skilled

MPLAB and Arduino – Skilled

Git – Proficient

Linux – Familiar

Oscilloscope / VNA / Spectrum Analyzer / Impedance Analyzer – Expert

Soldering – A go-to for Colleagues







MSE, Electrical Engineering from GVSU

BSE, Electrical and Computer Engineering from Calvin University




More Information:




Other applicable keywords: 

differential impedance, EMC, polyimide, FMEA, litz, electromechanical, traceability, compiler, pick-and-place, MQTT, buck-boost, quality factor, flux, dynamic impedance, coupling factor, surface mount, dielectric, mad scientist, rapid deconstruction expert