David Talaiver

Electro-Mechanical Engineering


Thermal Simulations & Thermal Management


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Other Expertise

  • Thermal management of SWaP Constrained Systems
  • Rapid Prototyping (accelerated development of proof of concept systems leveraging COTS/low-risk components)
  • Mechanical Design (design of structures and enclosures while considering environmental, material, and fabrication)
  • Electrical Design (power budgets and battery selection, power architecture and component selection, PCB design)
  • Controls/Software [IEC611 PLC(primarily Beckhoff), Embedded Linux (C/Python), Microcontrollers, IoT Enablers]

Industry Specialties

Aerospace, Federal Contracting, High-Power Computing


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David Talaiver

Ninja Engineer

David Talaiver – Previous Engineering Example



Previous Engineering Example – Hooke Verse Headphones


For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through bounding a thermals problem in physics AND spec requirements to prevent chasing non-physical or non-practical solutions.

Involved steps that David can go over for your specific system are:

  1. Pinning down the final objective and timeline (primary driver of available solutions)
  2. Identifying system sources of thermal problems (what makes heat) and sinks (which places you can send the heat)
  3. Defining thermal limits of the components and the environment
  4. Determining volume and space claim

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For Other Electronics Engineers

Chat with David if you need help with:

  • More advanced topics on heat rejection including phase change materials (and their systems-level impacts) and two-phase cooling for extremely high flux cooling requirements
  • Mil Standard Testing for Shock, Vibe, and EMI. (He’s personally taken products he designed through this rigorous testing process!)

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Non-electronics Q’s?

David’s experience also includes community outreach programs. He supports his local STEM program by coaching robotics and providing teleconferencing in class. Get in touch to learn more about how he teaches and engages this audience.

David’s also interested in helping to bring new engineering concepts into motorsports (an arena dominated by tribal wisdom). Schedule a call to pitch your ideas in this industry!


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Languages – Proficiency: 

English – Native
Tamil – Comprehension-> Native, Speaking/Writing -> Minimal


Electronics Software – Proficiency: 

Altium Designer  – Pro

Atmel Studio – Pro

MPLAB – Gets It Done



CAD/CAM Software – Proficiency: 

SolidWorks – Expert                                                    




Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University




More Information:

 E. E. Williams1, N. Miller2, E. Ancel2, C. Manarinjara1, S. Moore1, C. Sczamarski2, D. Talaiver2, and S. Ullah1. The effects of microgravity on the metastasis of cancer cells. Poster presented at the 2007 meeting of the American Association for Gravitational and Space Biology, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, Oct. 24-28 2007

Nathanael A. Miller1, David P. Talaiver1. Development of a Reusable Biological Sounding Rocket Payload , American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2007 Region I-MA Student Conference, Hampton VA, April 13-14, 2007

David Talaiver, Flux Enhancement for Pumped Two Phase Cooling, Presented at Advancements in Thermal Management Conference, Denver, CO, August 4, 2016



Other applicable keywords: 

heat sink, fluids, thermal management, thermal, mechanical, 3d printing, injection molding, sheet metal design, Cad/cam, PCB design, power architecture, programming, C, Python, robotics, product development, MILSTD testing