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Optical Engineering – Imaging & Non-imaging


Double Threat: Imaging Lens + Illumination Design


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Other Expertise

  •  Lens Design (20+ years experience) – imaging and non-imaging lenses, ex.: Near UV, VIS and IR Objective, VIS & NIR micro-objective, medical devices, F-Theta scan lenses, laser diode collimation, laser beam shaping, micro-objective, trocar tip, industrial machine vision relay objective, industrial borescope, dental visualization, flow cell objective for collection, tissue reflectance spectroscopy
  • LED Illumination (15+ years experience) – aka “LED lighting”, ex.: medical diagnostic illuminator, near IR reflectance spectrometer illuminator, automotive puddle light, retail label lighting, wall wash, cove, spotlight, flashlight, UV air purifier, grow light direct, grow light in canopy, street lighting, parking lot lighting, area lighting, all forms of linear lighting
  •  Fiber Optics, ex.: laser single-mode fiber delivery, glass and plastic fiber illumination, blood spectroscopy fiber delivery, LED to fiber bundle non-imaging collector
  • Full optical system development needing illumination and imaging systems combined into a single product
  • Zemax OpticStudio expert user


Industry Specialties

Medical, Commercial


Meeting Type



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Five Talent Consulting, Inc.

Previous Engineering Examples

Previous Engineering Examples

Previous Engineering Examples


For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  •  High-level concept discussion
  • Identification and general direction for a specific problem
  • Recommendation for prototype or production vendors
  • Market information to help drive understanding

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For Other Optical Engineers

Chat if you need help with:

  • Design review and commentary
  •  Ideas on how to further optimize a design
  •  Problem/resolution for technical issue with a design
  • Materials and manufacturing methods to help with correlation

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Non-optics Q’s?

FTC has experience with other markets and technology including crypto for investing, trading, mining and masternodes.  There is also an extensive background in the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) space for digital art and collectibles.  


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Language – Proficiency:

English – Native


Optical Software – Proficiency:

Zemax OpticStudio – Expert

Photopia – Expert

TracePro – Average Use

FRED – Infrequent Use

Optalix – Infrequent Use


CAD Tools – Proficiency:

Rhino 3D – Advanced

Onshape – Proficient






Other applicable keywords: 

lens design, illumination design, LED lighting, lightpipe, lightguide, stray light, optical tolerancing, opto-mechanical, injection molding, vacuum forming, light scattering, image quality