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Optical Engineering – Illumination


LED Whisperer & Colorimetry Pro


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Other Expertise

  • Optical design for illumination (including LED primary and secondary optics, light guides, spotlights, surgery microscope lights, customized illumination for machine vision system needs, automotive headlamps, outdoor…& more!)
  • Colorimetry (how to drive multi-color LED engines to achieve a desired brightness and color point with maximum efficacy and/or color rendering)
  • First principle based feasibility analysis (Is there enough light? Is there enough space? Will fundamental laws of optics allow – or forbid – that specs can be met, given size and power constraints?)
  • Optical Modeling (how to simplify, but not over-simplify in simulation models)
  • Computer programming (compute things the simulation software won’t compute such as: user-defined components for LightTools, colorimetry toolbox, analyzing and modifying ray files… etc.)

Industry Specialties

General Illumination (Residential and Commercial Lighting/Luminaires), Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive


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Julius Muschaweck

Founder of JMO GmbH




Previous Optical Engineering Examples


For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through kicking-off an LED illumination design including:

  •  Defining meaningful illumination specs
  • Find out if your specs are reasonable under the size/power constraints
  • Learning which optical design architectures are possible
  • Choosing LEDs

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For Other Optical Engineers

Chat with Julius if you need help understanding:

  • what etendue really is, and why it’s so useful 
  • how to model light sources and optical systems with extreme detail in LightTools
  • which optical materials to select for  a certain application

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Other Q’s?

Julius can tell you all about LEDs (he worked many years at OSRAM).

You can also call him to learn about colorimetry and renewable energies.


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Languages – Proficiency:

English – Near Native
German – Native



Optical Software – Proficiency:

LightTools – Expert (20 years of experience)



Other Tools – Proficiency:

MATLAB – Expert



Diploma (Master), Physics, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München




More Information:



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Other applicable keywords: 

Optics, illumination, lens, reflector, light guide, microlens array, freeform optics, tailoring, scattering, BSDF, ray files, LED, incandescent, HID lamp, injection molding, glass molding, etendue, luminance