Kyle Visner | Spinnaker Design

IoT/Connected Device Development


Finds Ways to IoT All the Things


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Other Expertise

  • Firmware Engineering (the code that runs on the device)
  • Cloud / API engineering (the code that runs in the cloud to support the device)
  • Rapid Prototyping (creating something that tests a critical business path without custom manufacturing)
  • Component Selection (what to use to best solve problem X)
  • Technical Product Strategy/Honey Badgering (finding a way to do the thing: “what do we need to do to make X? what paths are available to us?”)
  • Technical Project Rescue (saving projects that have gone sideways)


Industry Specialties

Consumer Electronics, Light Industrial, Medical, Sports


Meeting Type



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Kyle Visner

Founder | Lead Engineer

Spinnaker Design – Engineering Example



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For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  • Recommendations and feedback on possible engineering options for IoT device development
  • Technology review of and existing technical project
  • Software/firmware platforms and technology selection
  • Component selection help

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For Other Electronics Engineers

Chat if you need help with:

  • Brainstorming about a specific problem
  • Questions about using open source technologies for your projects
  • Rapid prototyping technologies and techniques

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Non-electronics Q’s?

Kyle runs a successful product development firm and frequently collaborates with individuals across disciplines. So, he’s a great source for a lot of other resources you might need. He’s pretty good at hacking solutions when they’re outside his expertise, too.

With his broad understanding of current technologies, he’s effective at surmising what may be “possible” to create today.

Kyle is happy to talk entrepreneurship, making, consulting, or present/future technologies!

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Languages Proficiency:

English – Native
Spanish – Survival


IDE’s – Proficiency:

Visual Studio Code – Pro
Eclipse varients – Pro


Platforms – Proficiency:

AWS – Pro
Google Cloude Platform – Pro
Azure – Occasional Usage


Coding Languages- Proficiency:

C/C++ – Pro
Python – Pro
Javascript – Pro
Ruby – Pro
Rust – Occasional Usage



B.S., Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)




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Other applicable keywords: 

IOT, Wearables, Smart Devices, Firmware, Cloud, API, Software, Smart Home, Medical Devices, Health and Safety, Sensing, Sensors, Arduino, Embedded C, Micropython, Rapid Prototyping, Product Strategy, CTO, Engineering, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, C++, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Rust