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Optical Engineering – Imaging


Optical Quality Measurement & Optical Software Coding


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Other Expertise

  • Optical Metrology (contact and non-contact methods)
  • Optical Tolerancing
  • Optical Design of Imaging Systems

Industry Specialties

Institutional Research (Large Optics & Optical Fabrication), Manufacturing, Space


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Appointment N/A

Logan R. Graves

Founding Partner of Intuitive Optical Design Lab

Intuitive Optical Design Lab


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For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  • Metrology tool implementation and development (deflectometry, interferometry, profilometry, etc.)
  • Technical analysis and summary of existing optical technologies for implementation
  • Literature search and summary of existing methodologies
  • Outlines of software architecture for technical optical software (required inputs and desired outputs)

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For Other Optical Engineers

Chat with Logan if you need help with:

  • Talking through optical design problems
  • Technical writing and presentation recommendations for specific audiences
  • Optical metrology discussion
  • Deflectometry hardware and software implementation
  • General software discussion and literature discussion

Appointment N/A

Non-optics Q’s?

Logan also works outside of optical engineering. He hosts a podcast called The Spotlight Report where he explores new science topics with researchers and industry professionals. He also has led discussion groups amongst graduate students regarding mental health and methods for improved productivity and success. People interested in learning more about technical interviews (as the host and interviewee), and general questions regarding discussion of life in the sciences as a researcher or in industry are welcome to schedule a discussion.


Appointment N/A

Languages – Proficiency:

English – Native
Spanish – Survival


Optical Software – Proficiency:

Zemax – Proficient


Other Tools – Proficiency:

MATLAB – Advanced

Rust – Proficient

Python – Proficient



Ph.D. Optics/Optical Sciences, University of Arizona

B.S. Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona

B.S. Laser and Optical Engineering, University of Arizona




More Information:


Spotlight Report Podcast



Other applicable keywords: 

deflectometry, metrology, profilometry, fringe projection, design, opto-mechanics, fabrication