Pablo Sobron, PhD | Impossible Sensing

Applied Photonics – Robotic Perception


Developing Sensors to Detect Specific Material Compositions


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Other Expertise

  • Spectroscopy (quantifying chemical, mineralogical, and biological composition in gases, liquids, solids, and plasmas)
  • Extreme Sensing (design, build, and operate sensors that work in the most extreme applications from deep ocean to deep space)
  • Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics (or how to get useful and actionable data from sensors)
  • Edge Analytics (making them deliver smart, actionable data without centralized control)
  • Robot Perception (making robots smart by feeding them the right sensor data)
  • Mixed Initiative Control (dialogue between human and robot during task execution)
  • Mission Operations (improving productivity in complex processes & applications)
  • SBIR Fundraising (or how to get government to invest in your high-risk ideas)

Industry Specialties

Aerospace, Maritime, Mining, Oil & Gas, Environmental Monitoring


Meeting Type

Zoom Conference

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Pablo Sobron, PhD

Founder | Impossible Sensing

Impossible Sensing


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For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  • Scoping a custom sensing solution for your problem
  • Integrating sensor data into decision-making processes
  • Automating data collection and interpretation
  • Reducing size, weight, power requirements, and cost of data collection

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For Other Optical Engineers

Chat with Pablo if you need help with:

  • Finding a sensing solution when an off-the-shelf sensor doesn’t cut it
  • Pitching your idea to investors

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Non-optics Q’s?

VCs: understand the underlying magic of too-good-to-be-true innovations (e.g. Theranos)

Students: career options

Entrepreneurs: get SBIR funding for your innovation

Others: anything about space exploration


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Languages – Proficiency:

English – Near Native
Spanish – Native
French – Working


Tools  – Proficiency:

MATLAB – Pro User





Ph.D., Physical Sciences, Universidad de Valladolid

Master of Research, Spectroscopy and Materials of Technological Interest, Universidad de Valladolid

M.Sc. Physics, University of Valladolid




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Impossible Sensing

Publications: SETI



Other applicable keywords: 

Laser, Raman, LIBS, fluorescence, reflectance, astrobiology, space, Mars, Moon, seafloor, oil & gas, mining, environment, LED, CCD, photomultiplier, imaging, machine vision, robot, rover, AUV, ROV, UAV, spacecraft, NASA, prescriptive analytics