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  • Randal Chinnock has over 40 years of experience developing hundreds of custom medical technology device projects. Whatever you’re working on, he probably has related, valuable first-hand experience that can help you.
  • Capital, reusable, and disposable optical devices  development for life science industries, for example:

ophthalmology, vision systems for surgical robots, endoscopes, medical video, spectroscopy, optical cancer detection, optical sensors, optical intubation devices, OCT, thermal imaging, illumination, photocuring, optical disinfection systems, laboratory instruments, POC devices, fiberoptic sensors/imaging/illumination


  • Really any system incorporating optics, optomechanics, HW, SW, ID, and/or HFE.


Industry Specialties

Medical Devices, Medical Research, Laboratory Instruments, Drug Development


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Randal Chinnock

Founder of Optimum Technologies

Optimum Technologies



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For Companies

Schedule a call to talk through:

  • EARLY STAGE: product definition, technology assessment, and high-level product development planning and budgeting
  • LATER STAGE: product conceptualization, detailed product development planning, multi-phase product development, prototyping, testing, FDA/ISO compliant documentation, and transfer to manufacturing

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For Other Optical Engineers

Chat with Randal if you need help:

  •  Generating a high-level assessment of your project (feasibility & complexity)
  • Estimating development timeline/budget,
  • Finding support for product development activities such as management or other technical resources (ex.: test lab recommendations)

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Other Q’s?

Randal is happy to aid in mentoring, coaching, serving on advisory boards and boards of directors, providing expert testimony, and general consulting in any kind of tech business.

He founded Optimum Technologies, in 1994, and kept it afloat and profitable through recessions, 9/11, a pandemic, and other challenges. Randal also founded Southbridge Tech Incubator, a bridge to launch technology startups.

Roles he’s filled and can advise on include: manufacturing, marketing, engineering, product development, and management.

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Languages – Proficiency:

English – Native


Tools – Proficiency:

MS Project – Expert

MS Office – Expert



Other Tools He Manages Over:             

SolidWorks, other CAD, Zemax, non-sequential optical design tools, electronic design, and PCB development tools, (e.g. ORCAD, PADS), SW development tools, analytical programs, and many other engineering development tools                                  



Program on Negotiation, Business, Harvard Law School

B.S. Engineering Physics, University of Colorado

Mechanics and Material Science, The Johns Hopkins University


Interview with Randal on Episode 4 of the Odd Engineer Podcast:



More Information:






Other applicable keywords: 

optic, endoscope, endoscopy, vision, illumination, spectroscopy, imaging, medical, laboratory, lens, product, development, device, polymer optic, glass optic, visible, infrared, ultraviolet, IR, UV, robot, surgical, endoscopic, instrument, laser, LED, disinfection, photo, cure, curing, disposable, reusable, FDA, ISO, 13485, consulting, expert, testimony